Napoleonic Carriage

1/12 Scale Model Built for Fisher Body contest

This 1/12 scale model Napoleonic Coach was started in 1930 by Cincinnatian Jack Fischer Jr. as part of a nationwide contest sponsored by Fisher Body Corporation. The coach was the corporate logo of Fisher Body, manufacturer of automobile bodies for General Motors. The contest offered winners a $5,000 college scholarship and was open to boys aged 12 through 18.

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The Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild was a competition where young men crafted a model coach (later a concept car) to be judged by GM designers and engineers. Winners were awarded significant college scholarships.
—GM Heritage Center

I have only one counsel for you: be master.
—Napoleon Bonaparte

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.
—Napoleon Bonaparte

Paying for College: Surprising Ways to Get Scholarships
—Parade Magazine

Its design is a composite of the two famous coaches used by Napoleon. One, used at his coronation, is now in the Museum at Versailles. The other, in which he rode with his second bride, Marie Louise of Austria, now reposes in a royal museum at Vienna.
—The Saturday Evening Post advertisement

Wrong-way driver hits horse-drawn carriage, flees scene.
—WLWT5, Cincinnati